Dienstag, 26. November 2013

It's time for smiles!

It's time to begin, isn't it?
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit
I'm just the same as I was
Now don't you understand
I'm never changing who I am

Hey everybody out there in this wide world full of emotions! 

Everyone's doing alright? I really hope so! Life has been super stressfull with school and a lot more. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with it, but then again life has its bright sides! :-)

Australia. Its a damn long time ago, even tho it still feels like just yesterday, that i arrived home, its mostly the winter season, that makes me realise how fast time has passed by. I have settled back in by now, like i actually have, i got over the part, where i didn't want to accept and realise i am here, not there. But at the point, where you realise, here can be as great as there, you just need to make it great, that its not gonna come itself, you start to feel at home again! :-) I miss Australia, and you can't understand how much i do, well you probably can if you are an exchange student. 
so for everyone who knows what im talking about: head up, cause like head down seriously, what its gonna get you? sadness? tears? why not go back to smiles and happiness!  :-) just gotta try, don't you!
Its nearly december and all the beautiful winter markets have started today (in germany). Its time for cookie baking, sweets, cold nights with cuddly blankets and hot chocolate. :) sooo gemütlich!!! excuse the german, but i dont think a perfect translation for this word exists... its time for christmas and pure joy!

My host family, well my second family <3 is in Europe right now, they're on a really busy schedule and it'd be a shame if we couldn't meet up, but we'll see what the future brings. I really miss them...

Also i had an awesome reunion weekend with Jule, and Kim was there aswell for one night in Cologne!!! WOW YOU HAVE ABSOLUTLEY NO IDEA HOW GREAT IT WAS TO BE WITH THEM AGAIN! Friendship, that is built over such a emotional hard time, can be so strong! :-)) 

This post was made as an update to all of you, that i am doing good over here :-)

There is be a text writen by an exchange student down there, which really just sums up exaclty how i feel about exchange!

Enjoy whatever season you have right now and you gotta keep your head up, don't forget that! 

See ya 
Anja <3

"I guess if you´d hear that the whole day and even after months, you´d be annoyed like hell.
This is the point when I gotta say:
“You wouldn´t understand - you haven´t been on exchange.”
It changed our life.
Cause it´s our second one.
It´s like we were born again in a different culture.
It´s our home.
It´s who we are.
We have friends and best friends and family there.

And we are just like them.
But now - home again.
And everything is missing.
No chance to hang out with these friends.
No chance to play guitar with your brother there.
No chance to go to a everyday-school performance.
No chance to speak the language.
No chance to be like you were there.
No chance to go where you went.
No chance to do what you did.
Cause you won´t be there again soon.
You can´t just go…home.
So if we wouldn´t talk about our other life -
which is the only chance to feel close with it -
We´d die in the inside.
Even it´s annoying.
Even you can´t hear another word of it.
That´s nothing compared to the pain an exchange student gotta bear."
(-Its not written by me!) :-)

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