Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

back in paradise

Hey everybody

How are you? I hope everyone is doing fine and that everybody's happy with what they're doing. I know i haven't posted in ages, but there wasn't much to talk about. I was busy with school, living the life and enjoying summer. Now I am, as some of you might have taken from the title, back in Australia. :-)))))))

As i have been planning on coming back here, while everybody is still in school because then it would be easier to catch up, i somehow did it and am now here in the Australian Winter (Brisbane). And gosh this is not winter, it is similar warm to my summer in Germany. :( But at least i know, that it's a little, tiny bit warmer in Germany.
After a horribly long flight i arrived at Brisbane International Airport 6ish in the morning. Welcomed by my three closest friends. We all managed to stay awake over the day and to keep ourselves busy togehter. :D
I went to UQ (University Queensland) Open Day, which was awesome and see all the courses avaible. shame it is so expensive. 
The day after that was Monday: my first school day back. yea some of must think now: "Whats wrong with her!? School in her summer holidays?" But honestly it's not that bad and it is the only way to spend as much time as possible with my friends. So i got to see my friends, the ones i hadn't seen yet and it was so over-whelming. :) I am so glad i found a home on two places on this world. I am smiling writing this because it simply is true. No one expects to be as close to someone, when you haven't seen them in over a year. But it is the exact opposit, i am still as close as before, which is really, really close! 

I will go on enjoying my time i've got here! Enjoy it to the limit! :) As it is all i got for a while. 
I miss my German girls and guys so much, but I'll have you guys back soon! And right now it is time to get back into life over here.

So I'll talk to you soon everyone!
Anja <3

Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Someday I will find my way back

Heey everybody! Long time, no see!

How are you? I'm hoping you're doing well and not sinking or losing yourself in bad moods, cus tbh is it worth it? The bad mood? I must admit I've had ups and downs lately, but you can only enjoy the ups, when you know what a down is right?  
Plans about going to back to Australia have been on and off, and it's just a hell of a lot of planing, but someday i will find my way back to where your name is written in the sand, cus I remember every sunset, I remember every word you said, and we were never gonna say good bye, singing ladadadaaaa, tell me how to get back to, back to summer paradise with you, I'll be there in a heart beat (summer paradise - simple plan).  Well now finally I can date someday! I'm coming home! I will be coming home for a couple of weeks in my summer holidays! I was, well I still am, friggen freaking out about Taht fact !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh :-))))))))))))))) this smile face would need to be a lot lot lot looooot longer :))) like OMG I get to see my friends and family over there again!!
(I hope you'll be coming aswell jule<3)  well over and done with them ABSOLUTLEY awesome news, so other than that life has really been nice and fun! Tho I do question how I could possibly get even more homework than I do now...

Well right now I'm laying on the couch in my family's coosy and warm living room, cus I kinda am sick, pretty bad cold or something.. And wherever you are in this huge and at the same time pretty small world, and you have sunshine and good weather outside, please do me a favour and go outside and enjoy it! Cause the weather and season can change ;) I've had winter for long enough and I'm craving for any temperature over 15 degree Celsius!!!! And you may not believe me but I think the prespring is finally coming!!!! We have a few, very few early flowers in our garden and the birdies start to sing a little again, plus the most important thing: when I leave the house in the morning it's not completely dark ad it's sunrise which is sooo beautiful and cheers up the whole mood for the day, cus you get a nicer, warmer feeling about everything, it's just not that dark and cold :))

Lots of love and see ya soon
Anja <3

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR, reunion, plans

hey everybody

2014 has started. :-)) lets make it an awesome one filled with laughters, love, smiles, hugs and way too much fun! 

i hope everyone had an enjoyable christmas as well as a good new years party! ;) well just in between both these big events, i had a even bigger eventboth my coming up: REUNION WITH DA SECOND FAMILY IN PARIS!!! my host family was doing a europe tour and just after christmas we met up in Paris for a little time. both my families finally met. oh my gosh, it was undescribale! it wasnt like one of these aw-big-hugs-tears-reunions, more like oh we havent seen each other for half a year, tho it feels like just a few weeks :-)) we spend lots of time exploring Paris, which is i must admit a beautiful city, but i have never been in such a busy part of the world. i was very lucky to meet up with my family so soon again, i really didnt expect it to come this soon! but it was really good to even realise things aren't impossible

now holidays for us germans are already over and school has been back for a week now, tho i go on work experience next monday for two weeks, which shall be super duper awesome and interesting: an institution for scienctif research (marine and polar biology) AWI, Alfred-Wegener-Institut :3 

well this was a short one, maybe next time i'll have more time for a longer one

see ya 
Anja :**

Dienstag, 26. November 2013

It's time for smiles!

It's time to begin, isn't it?
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit
I'm just the same as I was
Now don't you understand
I'm never changing who I am

Hey everybody out there in this wide world full of emotions! 

Everyone's doing alright? I really hope so! Life has been super stressfull with school and a lot more. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with it, but then again life has its bright sides! :-)

Australia. Its a damn long time ago, even tho it still feels like just yesterday, that i arrived home, its mostly the winter season, that makes me realise how fast time has passed by. I have settled back in by now, like i actually have, i got over the part, where i didn't want to accept and realise i am here, not there. But at the point, where you realise, here can be as great as there, you just need to make it great, that its not gonna come itself, you start to feel at home again! :-) I miss Australia, and you can't understand how much i do, well you probably can if you are an exchange student. 
so for everyone who knows what im talking about: head up, cause like head down seriously, what its gonna get you? sadness? tears? why not go back to smiles and happiness!  :-) just gotta try, don't you!
Its nearly december and all the beautiful winter markets have started today (in germany). Its time for cookie baking, sweets, cold nights with cuddly blankets and hot chocolate. :) sooo gemütlich!!! excuse the german, but i dont think a perfect translation for this word exists... its time for christmas and pure joy!

My host family, well my second family <3 is in Europe right now, they're on a really busy schedule and it'd be a shame if we couldn't meet up, but we'll see what the future brings. I really miss them...

Also i had an awesome reunion weekend with Jule, and Kim was there aswell for one night in Cologne!!! WOW YOU HAVE ABSOLUTLEY NO IDEA HOW GREAT IT WAS TO BE WITH THEM AGAIN! Friendship, that is built over such a emotional hard time, can be so strong! :-)) 

This post was made as an update to all of you, that i am doing good over here :-)

There is be a text writen by an exchange student down there, which really just sums up exaclty how i feel about exchange!

Enjoy whatever season you have right now and you gotta keep your head up, don't forget that! 

See ya 
Anja <3

"I guess if you´d hear that the whole day and even after months, you´d be annoyed like hell.
This is the point when I gotta say:
“You wouldn´t understand - you haven´t been on exchange.”
It changed our life.
Cause it´s our second one.
It´s like we were born again in a different culture.
It´s our home.
It´s who we are.
We have friends and best friends and family there.

And we are just like them.
But now - home again.
And everything is missing.
No chance to hang out with these friends.
No chance to play guitar with your brother there.
No chance to go to a everyday-school performance.
No chance to speak the language.
No chance to be like you were there.
No chance to go where you went.
No chance to do what you did.
Cause you won´t be there again soon.
You can´t just go…home.
So if we wouldn´t talk about our other life -
which is the only chance to feel close with it -
We´d die in the inside.
Even it´s annoying.
Even you can´t hear another word of it.
That´s nothing compared to the pain an exchange student gotta bear."
(-Its not written by me!) :-)

Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013


Hey everybody :-)

holidays. october. and i am doing quite great.

well i think i slowly am getting sick of being sad, so put that friggen smile on and light up the world. i miss australia everyday and missing hurts, but missing just means you care and you love, doesn't it? But i am more than happy to be in Germany with all my friends and family. I am settling back in welll. i have settled back in. :-)

on the weekend of 21st september was a seminar of my organisation, which was with all us worldtravelers who are now back in germany and we reviewed our exchanges and exchanged memories and experiences. it was amazing.
we were in little (up to 15 people) groups and did workshops for one weekend in Göttingen. In my group we had people from south africa, great britian, france and me from auss. :-) some surprises from what you hear, mostly good stuff, and i dont think anyone regrets their exchange. :-))
it was so good to be around people that went through the same process as you did and just understand your pain of missing this and trying not to talk about your hostcountry in every senctence, which i am badly failing. ahahaha australian people i am making you famous over here with all the stuff i am saying ;)

my group in göttingen. guys you were awesome

 well i dont think i need to say anymore about the seminar, everyone who's following this blog should know a lot about my exchange :D

and well i finally have holidays, dont i? :-))))) yaaaaaaaaaay that means skype time and hanging with friends and i was on holidays with my family. got a little tan, by tan i mean that kind of tan a ginger can have. 

i hope everyone's doing just fine and showing the world their beautiful smile. 

see ya soon <3


Dienstag, 10. September 2013

september already

heeellooo everyone out there

how you're doing guys? i hope youre all doing great. if not you should change that asap, so youre living life with a huge smile on your face! :)

its september. cold. foggy. beautiful. rain. some sunny days. so its been 2 month and i think around 2 weeks since i left australia. wow thats. idek. i cant describe it that well. it actually feels quite weird i guess. i lived my life there and it was a complete different to this one here at home in germany. but tbh i am glad to be home it feels good to be around the people youve been friends with since kindergarden and grade1! im so glad i have them <3 

time really is running away. i cant believe its september already... school is been going on for more then a month now, and its so much work. im like drowing in it. someone save me please :D  school is a lot harder, well im not an exchange student anymore am i... but the feeling of being an exchange student wont ever leave! 

i really wanna go back to australia and live there. it seems like its just perfect the way of living. and just how people are i seem to fit in perfect :)  but hey im in germany! :) make most out of everything. it may sound like i really wanna go back to AUS but i wouldnt be able to leave my friends behind. no i couldnt... but living in AUS someday. i really could imagine that very well :)

life is being the best most days. ofc there are some days where you arent as happy as you probably could be but its still great. 

in Göttingen, there is a seminar for all exchange students from my organisation to review our exchanges and stuff. its in two weeks. i am looking forward to it tbh. :) lets see what the others say.

see ya soon lovely people :)

looking forward to seeing everyone whether here, there, now, or in a few days, or years! i miss you!

anja <3 <3

Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

settling back in at home

hey everyone :-))

my summer holidays are over. "summer" haha so funny -.- cause i've been gone for a year. i had to catch up with everyone. well i still am :D its good to be home to be honest. but really i wanna be back in australia at the same time, but i dont want to leave my friends here, i need them, i know that. life just doesnt work without them, but life is a lot harder without my australian weirdos... :(
school started one week ago. year 10. its damn hard, i get a damn lot of homework and have long schol days 4 times a week, which is such a lot.
I've enjoyed my summer holidays. in sweden, at home skyping, or just going out with friends.
everythign seems like its been before i left a lot. well i am not as close to everyone anymore but to most of my friends i am still as close as sisters :) im in a new year/grade. so im starting to make new friends as well. theyre great. yea it sounds like life is going great. well it is at some point. i just wish to be in australia, i actually mean more the people, and my family there. :( but "someday i will find my way back to where your name is written in the sand" i am coming back, sometime, soon hopefully :) dont miss me too much :* cause i miss you enough....

in the middle of september i'll have a seminar from my cultural exchange organisation. interested to see everyones experiences they've made.. :)

well there actually isnt much to say is there right now. i am just really stressed with school, finding a workplacement for january, homework, etc :D school yay ;)

i write another post about how i settled back in and how long it took etc in more detail after the seminar

see ya soon everybody :-**

holiday in sweden