Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013


Hey everybody :-)

holidays. october. and i am doing quite great.

well i think i slowly am getting sick of being sad, so put that friggen smile on and light up the world. i miss australia everyday and missing hurts, but missing just means you care and you love, doesn't it? But i am more than happy to be in Germany with all my friends and family. I am settling back in welll. i have settled back in. :-)

on the weekend of 21st september was a seminar of my organisation, which was with all us worldtravelers who are now back in germany and we reviewed our exchanges and exchanged memories and experiences. it was amazing.
we were in little (up to 15 people) groups and did workshops for one weekend in Göttingen. In my group we had people from south africa, great britian, france and me from auss. :-) some surprises from what you hear, mostly good stuff, and i dont think anyone regrets their exchange. :-))
it was so good to be around people that went through the same process as you did and just understand your pain of missing this and trying not to talk about your hostcountry in every senctence, which i am badly failing. ahahaha australian people i am making you famous over here with all the stuff i am saying ;)

my group in göttingen. guys you were awesome

 well i dont think i need to say anymore about the seminar, everyone who's following this blog should know a lot about my exchange :D

and well i finally have holidays, dont i? :-))))) yaaaaaaaaaay that means skype time and hanging with friends and i was on holidays with my family. got a little tan, by tan i mean that kind of tan a ginger can have. 

i hope everyone's doing just fine and showing the world their beautiful smile. 

see ya soon <3


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