Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Someday I will find my way back

Heey everybody! Long time, no see!

How are you? I'm hoping you're doing well and not sinking or losing yourself in bad moods, cus tbh is it worth it? The bad mood? I must admit I've had ups and downs lately, but you can only enjoy the ups, when you know what a down is right?  
Plans about going to back to Australia have been on and off, and it's just a hell of a lot of planing, but someday i will find my way back to where your name is written in the sand, cus I remember every sunset, I remember every word you said, and we were never gonna say good bye, singing ladadadaaaa, tell me how to get back to, back to summer paradise with you, I'll be there in a heart beat (summer paradise - simple plan).  Well now finally I can date someday! I'm coming home! I will be coming home for a couple of weeks in my summer holidays! I was, well I still am, friggen freaking out about Taht fact !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh :-))))))))))))))) this smile face would need to be a lot lot lot looooot longer :))) like OMG I get to see my friends and family over there again!!
(I hope you'll be coming aswell jule<3)  well over and done with them ABSOLUTLEY awesome news, so other than that life has really been nice and fun! Tho I do question how I could possibly get even more homework than I do now...

Well right now I'm laying on the couch in my family's coosy and warm living room, cus I kinda am sick, pretty bad cold or something.. And wherever you are in this huge and at the same time pretty small world, and you have sunshine and good weather outside, please do me a favour and go outside and enjoy it! Cause the weather and season can change ;) I've had winter for long enough and I'm craving for any temperature over 15 degree Celsius!!!! And you may not believe me but I think the prespring is finally coming!!!! We have a few, very few early flowers in our garden and the birdies start to sing a little again, plus the most important thing: when I leave the house in the morning it's not completely dark ad it's sunrise which is sooo beautiful and cheers up the whole mood for the day, cus you get a nicer, warmer feeling about everything, it's just not that dark and cold :))

Lots of love and see ya soon
Anja <3

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