Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

back in paradise

Hey everybody

How are you? I hope everyone is doing fine and that everybody's happy with what they're doing. I know i haven't posted in ages, but there wasn't much to talk about. I was busy with school, living the life and enjoying summer. Now I am, as some of you might have taken from the title, back in Australia. :-)))))))

As i have been planning on coming back here, while everybody is still in school because then it would be easier to catch up, i somehow did it and am now here in the Australian Winter (Brisbane). And gosh this is not winter, it is similar warm to my summer in Germany. :( But at least i know, that it's a little, tiny bit warmer in Germany.
After a horribly long flight i arrived at Brisbane International Airport 6ish in the morning. Welcomed by my three closest friends. We all managed to stay awake over the day and to keep ourselves busy togehter. :D
I went to UQ (University Queensland) Open Day, which was awesome and see all the courses avaible. shame it is so expensive. 
The day after that was Monday: my first school day back. yea some of must think now: "Whats wrong with her!? School in her summer holidays?" But honestly it's not that bad and it is the only way to spend as much time as possible with my friends. So i got to see my friends, the ones i hadn't seen yet and it was so over-whelming. :) I am so glad i found a home on two places on this world. I am smiling writing this because it simply is true. No one expects to be as close to someone, when you haven't seen them in over a year. But it is the exact opposit, i am still as close as before, which is really, really close! 

I will go on enjoying my time i've got here! Enjoy it to the limit! :) As it is all i got for a while. 
I miss my German girls and guys so much, but I'll have you guys back soon! And right now it is time to get back into life over here.

So I'll talk to you soon everyone!
Anja <3

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