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Ich war endlich in Sydney, von Donnerstag bis Sonntag. Es war absolutly amazing and beautiful, and its such a stunning city ! I decided to write this whole post in english, so you guys can see how much you understand, so pretty much if your english is good or if you needa put everything into google translater ;)
well, like i said, i was in sydneyy, and it is such a beautiful, amazing city. i love it, and i tots wanna live there now ! like study there or go to uni over there. The city is pretty crowed, and even brisbane seems like an empty small city now, now brissie seems so small and cute. gosh what am i going to do, when i come back to my hometown, well village, in the middle of nowhere. MY HOME <3 well anyways, i stayed with my hostmums friends Christin. they have a house right at the habour, with the most awesome view ever, and two little, just adorable daughters: Casidy and Estella, and a little Schnauzer puppy Tex. I loved my time with them there, also my friend momoe was there with me, she's from japan, and exchange student aswell. :)

we fly into sydney in the morning, and arrived there around midday, and drove to circular quay by train and caught the city to birchgrove where Christins' family lives :) We drove a lot by ferry, thats the main way to travel in sydney. :) i love it :) well we gotta go to the opera house, which is absolutly stunning and amazing, and sooo pretty, and the habour bridge omg, just wow, to actually go there, and :o i cant describe my feelings, i walked on the habour bridgeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We also went to the botanical gardens, and visited the art gallery and of course into the city and havin a look around there. its is a huge city, and we got lost a few time, but we knew where we were when we saw maccas and the apple shop. :) on our last day we went to manley beach with everyone, it is such a beautiful part of sydney: Manley :) even if i dont like their rugby team. BRONCOSS GOO! and seriously sydney is absolutly amazing ! :)))

view from chriss' house

me in front of habour bridge

opera house :)

and i also had my birthday last week :) my 16th :) sweet 16th in australia. it was a beautiful day and thanks to everyone for making it so special :) still getting presents everday, :D then i have my party next week :)

with da best friend <3

and from thursday to saturday gonna be on music camp. omg i am so looking forward to that. i hope its gonna be great, just ahnging around having fun and everything :)))) excitedddd

 One of my friends left today, going back to germany.... well i am going to enjoy the rest of time i have to bits :) because i love my life here, and i just loved to take everyone home so much :) that would be so amazing, i dont want to just leave this part of my life behind, i want to continue it, when at the same time you want to go back and cuddle your brother and best friend, and family and friends, and CAT of course :) well i try not thinking about going away. and it works :) so end of this topic

i hope you guys understood what i was even saying, if not i hope google translater helped you a little ahaha

a few more photos of sydney are following in the next post ;)

see ya soon :-**

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