Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

time is running away, please just dont end

Hey everyone

i know i havent blogged for ages, but life just doesnt give me time to...

going out with friends a lot, enjoying the time left as much as possible. :) well and school doesnt get easier too, wish it would. in two weeks i have exam block. year 11 getting ready to graduate. and then i go back to germany and have to start year 10, that feels just wrong, being senior over here, starting parts of the final exams, and going to year 10 ew. wont even be in the same grade as my friends. that hurts. well i guess we'll see what the future brings, hopefully good things :)
went ice skating yesterday, loved it as always. :) well now i have 2 beautiful, gorgeous blisters. :D yay.
everything over here feels so real. like my real life. i mean it is. but i dont really get why it has to end now. come on i build this up myself, and i love it. i love my friends, i love my school, i love my hostfamily, like theyre my real family. why does it has to end?
i dont know if its with everyone like this in the end, but with most of the people it will be. i have kinda something like emotional break-downs all the time, so just this moment when you realise everything, and you cant stop feeling sad and empty, and they take such a long time to go away, and nothing really helps to get out of them. i think you just have to enjoy the moment, and try not to think too much about it til the end :)
and other thing i just cant imagine stop speaking english, i want tokeep speaking english, it feels like a native language, i actually am better at speaking english, than at speaking german right now, i always forget the german vocab, and get the sentence structure wrong without even noticing. oh well. my family and friends will have fun with that, aye?? ;)

my music composition seems to be quite good :) i might record it soon :)

also my host auntie got her baby, first baby in my family :) he is so adorable and just sooooo cute <3

gotta finish assignments off now

catch you later
xo Anja ♥

and bored selfie again

with da bestiee <3

host mummy with CJ

soooooooooooo cute

Benie and CJ <3

ice skating :p

ice skating :)

love you all so much <3

izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy <3 <3 <3

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  1. Wow! Tolle Erfahrung! Ich liebe dein Blog! Würdest du mich kontaktieren? Grüße!