Montag, 15. Juli 2013

home again :-)

hi everybody, moin moin zusammen

well i am at home, in germany again. one year australia is over and i am feeling home in germany again. i arrived 2 weeks ago, since then i kinda needed a week to realise i am home and to start living the german way of life again. the next week i still was lazy, but started hanging out with friends, which felt really good! :-)) GUYS I MISSED YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!! im glad to be home. yea of coarse i would love to be in australia right now, hang with my friends and everyone and just chill my way through life and school, but life goes on :-)

But let's start from the beginning of the end:
Wednesday, i went up the coast, said good bye to most of the family... :( then i packed my bags on wednesday night, while the state of origin was on. packing bags. oh how much fun it is, isnt it ... took me most of the night and i didnt weigh them that night, i just wouldnt have been able to sleep if i would know i had overweight. so in the morning i got up, kept on packing, all the little stuff you find that has to go home aswell.. then i weight it with my mummy and daddy, oh yayyy 7 kg overweight. i wouldnt have expected that ! so i started everything new. tried this and this. somehow i got it down to 2 kg overweight, and thats what i had to pay at the airport.
after that "exciting" morning i went out with my friends for the last time. sherwood park. once more. i tried to enjoy it, i did, but hey try to smile on your last day, the last day of a totally different life, it seriously isnt that easy! the time was spend well though :-) good byes were full of tears... i miss you all so much :( i wish i could be there just at school, just hanging and chilling. CORINDIANS I MISS YOU ! <3
and yes on monday i had an amazing surprise good bye party in australia ! it was amazingly much fun, and i enjoyed it too bits :-))
at the airport a few tears came up again, as soon as i was alone tho, i started crying so badly :( the moment i realised it was over. and i am not going to see everyone in years if not even longer.

the flight was horribly long, i couldnt sleep cause i had a crying baby one row right in front of me -.- and i was crying i think pretty much non stop for the 15 hours to dubai, people stopped asking if im ok. tbh they didnt ask more than once, which i was quite happy about. 5 hours in dubai spend skyping my brother til the internet gave up, and then reading and waiting. at 7 pm i arrived in germany, hamburg. happy to see my family again, hugs and lots of smiles again :-))
coming home being tired and full and sick of travel like hell. my friends surprised me, they really did surprise me :D thaaaaaaaaaaank you. it was wonderful to be together with everyone again :-)) omg i missed it so much, but everyone was talking and i was just sitting there nearly falling asleep ahaha so the house was full til midnight :-)) Then after saying good night and see you soon to everyone the sleep i've been waiting for so long. from then on nothing much happened.
going up to sweden on wednesday for a family holiday in our house :-)

see ya soon everybody

anja <3 <3 <3

surprise party with lemuel

georgie trying to come home with me. oh i wish hun


surprise good bye party <3

host family. :( i miss yoo
i miss you gorgeous :(

at the airport. once more derps
flight home

photos of sweden, and friends are coming sometime soon. needa have some first :D i thinking about about keeping blogging here but i am not sure and i wouldnt be too often. just sometimes to keep it going :)

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