Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

settling back in at home

hey everyone :-))

my summer holidays are over. "summer" haha so funny -.- cause i've been gone for a year. i had to catch up with everyone. well i still am :D its good to be home to be honest. but really i wanna be back in australia at the same time, but i dont want to leave my friends here, i need them, i know that. life just doesnt work without them, but life is a lot harder without my australian weirdos... :(
school started one week ago. year 10. its damn hard, i get a damn lot of homework and have long schol days 4 times a week, which is such a lot.
I've enjoyed my summer holidays. in sweden, at home skyping, or just going out with friends.
everythign seems like its been before i left a lot. well i am not as close to everyone anymore but to most of my friends i am still as close as sisters :) im in a new year/grade. so im starting to make new friends as well. theyre great. yea it sounds like life is going great. well it is at some point. i just wish to be in australia, i actually mean more the people, and my family there. :( but "someday i will find my way back to where your name is written in the sand" i am coming back, sometime, soon hopefully :) dont miss me too much :* cause i miss you enough....

in the middle of september i'll have a seminar from my cultural exchange organisation. interested to see everyones experiences they've made.. :)

well there actually isnt much to say is there right now. i am just really stressed with school, finding a workplacement for january, homework, etc :D school yay ;)

i write another post about how i settled back in and how long it took etc in more detail after the seminar

see ya soon everybody :-**

holiday in sweden

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