Dienstag, 10. September 2013

september already

heeellooo everyone out there

how you're doing guys? i hope youre all doing great. if not you should change that asap, so youre living life with a huge smile on your face! :)

its september. cold. foggy. beautiful. rain. some sunny days. so its been 2 month and i think around 2 weeks since i left australia. wow thats. idek. i cant describe it that well. it actually feels quite weird i guess. i lived my life there and it was a complete different to this one here at home in germany. but tbh i am glad to be home it feels good to be around the people youve been friends with since kindergarden and grade1! im so glad i have them <3 

time really is running away. i cant believe its september already... school is been going on for more then a month now, and its so much work. im like drowing in it. someone save me please :D  school is a lot harder, well im not an exchange student anymore am i... but the feeling of being an exchange student wont ever leave! 

i really wanna go back to australia and live there. it seems like its just perfect the way of living. and just how people are i seem to fit in perfect :)  but hey im in germany! :) make most out of everything. it may sound like i really wanna go back to AUS but i wouldnt be able to leave my friends behind. no i couldnt... but living in AUS someday. i really could imagine that very well :)

life is being the best most days. ofc there are some days where you arent as happy as you probably could be but its still great. 

in Göttingen, there is a seminar for all exchange students from my organisation to review our exchanges and stuff. its in two weeks. i am looking forward to it tbh. :) lets see what the others say.

see ya soon lovely people :)

looking forward to seeing everyone whether here, there, now, or in a few days, or years! i miss you!

anja <3 <3

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